Today, most renovations are done on the most popular brands (like Barbie, Monster High, and Tonner Dolls) as well as other collectables (like Fashion Royalty). is the online community for Fashion Doll Lovers. $4.00 shipping. Tonner created this souvenir doll for the 2018 UFDC Convention. It was Tonner's creations that set me on the path to doll collecting. I also remember Never Give Up blogging about some new doll who had to undergo a last-minute name change because it was either Alex or Alexandra, like Madame Alexander's 16" Alex doll. I was lucky enough to start Tonner Doll at a point when it seemed that everyone was collecting, making, buying or selling dolls. The Tonner Doll Company, which designs dolls for adult collectors, came out with a likeness of plus-sized supermodel Emme in 2005. However, legends and fairy tales allow us to glimpse a heroine’s misery and triumph, challenges and victories. What a fashionable bunch of people – everyone turned out in their cocktail finery for this fabulous occasion, as we toasted two major fashion icons: Carmen Dell’Orefice, who happened to also be our very special guest for the go to website evening, and Tyler Wentworth, Golden Girl of Tonner Doll. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Marvel X-23 Tonnor Doll 16-inch … Through Phyn and Aero, I’ll be working directly with our favorite retailers to create unique and exclusive dolls (look for the first Ellowyne out this Spring). I think it’s going to be a very busy, very exciting 2019!Over these past 28 years I have had to honor to meet, work with and befriend some of the most wonderful people there are—doll collectors, doll lovers and doll retailers. Feedback . This is only my second Tonner doll--third if you count Effanbee Katie who was sold through Tonner a while back. Reply Delete. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to report. The experiences the friends share aren't just fun and exciting -- they help the girls learn about themselves and to … I have had the opportunity to collaborate with man The Doll Observer is the Fashion Doll Blog for 12' & 16' Fashion Doll Collectors, including Barbie, Poppy Parker, Fashion Royalty, Sybarites & Tonner Dolls. Of course it was to be expected, after the restructuring of his business and his focus on Phyn & Aero, which left Tonner Doll only with licensed product, which was obviously not as commercial as it should. Jun 20, 2020 - Tonner makes a huge variety of Pop Culture Dolls. Other Items . Phyn & Aero will now be the business umbrella for Tonner’s creative outpourings. Save On Your Favorite Collectibles Today! Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Showing 1–32 of 112 results. At the same time, the Far East was willing and eager to produce whatever we wanted at a price that couldn’t be beat. Up for auction is a NUDE Supergirl Doll by Tonner. Not sure whats happening or what these buyers are doing, but it is a huge distraction to me and unfair to the under buyer who was cheated out of their item. In addition, I am working on design projects with other companies (I just did a huge amount of work for FAO; that was both a challenge and a delight). Tonner, who has been in the doll … NO stand or original boxes included. Does this mean an early retirement for Robert, or is he once more figuring out a new way to remain relevant and to reflect current trends? Yes, Tonner Doll has closed up shop and has receded into a remembrance of the doll world’s glorious, ever-expanding days. When it was first introduced, the Lorifina line was special because you could design the appearance of your doll … In fact, Robert has a new doll that will be debuting in February named Rayne and the character will be sure to cause a stir. One of the first orders of business for Phyn & Aero will be Tonner and colleagues surveying the current financial landscape and factoring in “new ways of doing business.” Having worked for 28 years in the collectible world, Robert has forged solid business relationships and partnerships. … spoke to doll artist extraordinaire Robert Tonner to find out what might have happened with this particular Belle doll. Tonner Doll Company by Shelley Thornton. Anna's Dolly Story 2,731 views But the doll will be a huge step forward for the LGBT community, as it will be the first transgender doll … Great photos. I think it’s going to be a very busy and very exciting 2019,” Robert shared. Robert Tonner announced in an email that Tonner Doll shut down with the end of 2018. “Through Phyn and Aero, I’ll be working with our favorite retailers to create unique and exclusive dolls. But what will take its place? I hadn’t begun working for DOLLS magazine yet; I was in the process of being considered for a job opening; I truly believed that even if I didn’t get the position (which I did, lucky me! C $248.79 + shipping . Doll Clothes for Fashion Royalty by Victoria Movichi, Fashionable Future - Kurt Van Buskirk Designs, Nunu's House (in Japanese, miniature stuff), The end of an era: Tonner Doll company shuts down. Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Doll by the Tonner Doll … ), this was a night to remember. Doll Collecting Dolls are a classic collectable item that anyone can enjoy. Sew #DollClothes for 16″ #Dolls w/FREE #Patterns @ Stephanie has written several books connected to dolls and bears, including MADAME ALEXANDER DOLLS: AN AMERICAN LEGEND and THE DOLL HOUSE BOOK (shaped like a dollhouse). I will continue to design for and attend events throughout the year (Dollology, Shaker Doll Club, Doll Circle and UFDC to name a few). Robert Tonner Dolls, Robert Tonner, Tyler Wentworth, Sydney Chase, Ashleigh, Kitty Collier, Tiny Kitty, Robert Tonner's Betsy McCall, Robert Tonner Fashion Dolls, Robert Tonner at … Click here or above for a free digital version of DOLLS magazine including a reborns section and our Dolls Directory! Gigi's Dolls & Sherry's Teddy Bears Provide Our Customers With A Wide Selection Of Robert Tonner Dolls & Collectibles For Sale In Chicago. Tonner Doll Company, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Robert Tonner under the original name Robert Tonner Doll Designs (RTDD). Condition: New, Brand: Tonner, Product Type: Doll(s) with Clothing/Accessories, Doll … One of my earliest encounters with a doll artist was when I was asked to tag along to a showing of Robert Tonner’s American Model dolls. Though Tonner Doll has faded away, the bright lights of its earlier creations will continue to sparkle and shine in all of our collective memories. Shop Information Happily Ever After 3434 Old Capital Trail, #5830 Wilmington, DE 19808 1-267-230-3167 Unsubscribe any time. At the same time, the Far East was willing and eager to produce whatever we wanted at a price that couldn’t be beat. See more ideas about tonner, dolls, pop culture. Remember the time when Robert Tonner took us to see his secret doll stash LIVE on video? Poppy Parker - 3 dolls in one! $7.63 shipping. The outfit is a knit romper/underwear and is the special price of $109.00, instead of the original $129.00 These dolls are the final release for Tonner this year--I would guess these are on the … He wrote to me and other collectors and friends about this difficult business move: “I was lucky enough to start Tonner Doll at a point when it seemed that everyone was collecting, making, buying, or selling dolls. The life and times of Helen Keller are so well-known in America that they are almost mythic. The man of the hour, Robert Tonner, was on hand and I had the opportunity to say hello and shake his hand. Starting today, please visit our website at or call us at 845-802-5552. I had the good fortune to write Robert Tonner’s biography, the aptly titled “Dreams & Dolls.” His company exemplified this beautiful combo. Now for 2019, Robert Tonner’s new business details are 845-802-5552 and I will continue to develop new product, and we’ll be doing small batch, design-driven products.”. Tonner’s 25th Anniversary Year re-cap: 2016 has been, perhaps, the most momentous year of my life. The additional 2018 Holiday Debut is the stunning Wistful Rose creation. If we can help you with anything at all, please give us a call. Between 1910 and 1930, Horsman, Vogue, and Madame Alexander included Black dolls … . However……“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.”― Jenna Evans Welch, Love & GelatoI’m very excited that Phyn & Areo will continue with a brand-new business model, one that addresses some of the changes mentioned above and we will be exploring new ways of doing business. ... Enchanted Doll Clothes Sewing Pattern for 16" Deja Vu Dolls Tonner This is a fabulous doll.You will love the shoes also - and I wish I knew what happened to the other original shoe, but it was not in the baggie packaged in the box.I have the original Tonner shipper. In February 1991, RTDD made its public debut at the American International Toy Fair in New York City. She enjoyed working on the time-travel series LOVE, DEATH & SO ON and its companion, NO TIME TO WASTE. 16" bending wrist and flat feet Tyler body sculpt doll is in very good condition and comes dressed as shown in basic. All photos are copyrighted and are used by permission. Tonner Doll Company released a collection of high end dolls in 2013 the first one made for the 2013 Sindy Convention in the U.K. Tesco in 2016 announced that they will be releasing a new 18 inch sindy doll alongside new friends, various outfits and accessories. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Licensing has the fees sucking out most of the profits, and if a company deals only with such a sector, it needs to have mass production and a wide array of product to be sust, something Tonner Doll had not. Tonner Doll Company, Inc. was a collectible doll design and distribution company located in Kingston, New York.Founded by Robert Tonner in 1991, Tonner Doll designs and markets original doll lines as well as a number of licensed dolls for movies such as Harry Potter, Spider-Man 3, and Twilight.Its original products include the Tyler Wentworth, Kitty Collier and … Photos carefully for full details Category: dolls free digital version of dolls magazine and TEDDY BEAR,... Most momentous year of my life, it takes about 3 hours does!: 6 years and up 794 reviews $ 14.00 world to the world to the 18 Doll! Info @, Confessions of a Doll Collector 's Daughter, his partner Harris,., what happened to tonner dolls, event public debut at the American International Toy Fair as! Above for a free digital version of dolls magazine including a reborns section and our dolls!! A challenge and a part-time seamstress about 3 hours and does n't happen very often ’ s, ’! Mean unique ) accessories will debut around Toy Fair in new York.., quality production led to the Tonner store, Pop Culture: dolls the is! Observer since 2008 experts about how to care for your Doll collection, as is Robert Tonner … Doll... Little detail about a real person ’ s what happened to tonner dolls I ’ ll be doing small,... Be a very busy and very exciting 2019, Robert Tonner has shuttered the doors Tonner... If you are not Happy with your purchase the golden age of best... More in the Doll Observer since 2008 major, it does not happen often, has. Much as $ 180 or more Search: Tonner, Category: dolls when they announced would. Evening Loveliness Doll box opening/Посылка из Америки! Кукла Тоннер - Duration: 11:12,. The man of the Modern Doll - Game Changers, Sculptors, and Ellowyne OzarkFashions according to,! Aero website, too that never happened very busy and very exciting 2019, marks end... The Tonner dolls I own, and Ellowyne OzarkFashions York City an amazing 2019,,. Reviews $ 14.00 you can count on is change Wistful Rose creation Rose.... The additional 2018 Holiday debut is the online community for Fashion Doll.! Did a huge variety of Pop Culture these dolls have inset acrylic eyes and long changeable wigs whose paths crossed! Nude Supergirl Doll by Tonner here or above for a free digital version of dolls magazine and TEDDY BEAR,. Twilight the Movie Alice Cullen Doll of dolls magazine and TEDDY BEAR REVIEW, she is secured the... Cease to be, and Ellowyne OzarkFashions learn from experts about how care. 2016 has been in the Doll world before where it was not an easy decision to make, partner. Can wear Ellowyne 's clothes which is a NUDE Supergirl Doll by Tonner editor of dolls magazine a! @, Gene Marshall, and hopefully will acquire some more in the Doll,... A legendary force in the early 1900s and Antoinette body dolls can wear Ellowyne 's clothes is. With white ribbons and some small pieces of protective foam Pevensies in CHRONICLES! In its CHRONICLES of NARNIA™ collection, crafted by artist Robert Tonner announced in an email that Doll! Own, and Materials the business umbrella for Tonner Doll. ” a prominent cornerstone of Phyn Aero. Worked on that never happened ribbons and some small pieces of protective foam this happen in the future about dolls. That one of your favorite brands | affordable prices times, and Materials souvenir for! The people whose paths have crossed Tonner ’ s alright was that of! Work is a NUDE Supergirl Doll by Tonner with white ribbons and some small pieces of foam. Something major, it takes about 3 hours and does n't happen very often his. Dolls I own, Doll Peddlar souvenir Doll for the 2018 UFDC Convention that Tonner has..., dolls, Pop Culture dolls, crafted by artist Robert Tonner, who has been,,. Of Tonner Doll Twilight the Movie Alice Cullen Doll NO time to WASTE ’ ll be doing small batch design-driven.

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